Are Blues Guitar Lessons right for Beginners?

There are a great deal of blues fans available that eventually become guitar players themselves. How ever understanding the blues isn’t usually the number one spot to commence for newbies. I’ve outlined 3 concerns to ask yourself before you choose whether blues guitar classes are the number one spot for you to commence. After answering these 3 concerns really for yourself you’ll be better prepared to recognize where you need to begin.

Can you Play Chords

Right off the bat if you’re unable to play the simple open chords then certainly skip blues guitar classes and search for a novice course. The fundamentals of the blues revolves around the 12 bar blues pattern which needs you to learn your simple chords.

The simple chords you need to understand are: A, B, C, D, E, F and G equally understanding the minor versions will be helpful

This is a talent you are able to teach yourself how ever through online videos and tutorials.

Do You Understand the Guitar Neck

By learning the throat I mean: are you aware the different places you are able to shape chords found on the throat? Do understand the fret spacing between each note? These are significant factors to memorize in purchase to conveniently play blues chord progressions and scales in different keys.

Blues tunes usually follow especially synonymous patterns even so they move around the throat depending on what key they’re being played in. If you don’t recognize how to move from where you’re currently playing in the Key of A to the Key of D then there are lost very fast

Have you Ever Taken Lessons Before

If you have not taken any guitar classes before, nor have you even tried to teach yourself anything found on the guitar then surely never commence with all the blues.

Take a couple of months of standard classes that may teach you: string names, notes, chords etc.

After you have the fundamentals down you are able to commence translating those over to the blues.

If you were hoping that you might only skip the boring basics of the guitar and move right on into understanding the blues I apologize to allow you to down. Trust me you’ll enjoy understanding blues guitar a lot more if you’re armed with all the appropriate info and abilities before you commence taking blues guitar lessons.

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