Beginner Guitar Lessons – How to Turn Guitar Playing Into a Career

English: Ramon Goose, performing on slide guitar

English: Ramon Goose, performing on slide guitar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Guitar playing and music have been good to me. And when you do it right, it may be good for you too.

I began out playing guitar for my own enjoyment playing in bands at parties, weddings and dances … little did I learn where all of this was taking me.

Thirty 9 years latter I’m nonetheless playing guitar for my own enjoyment (and enjoying it over ever), playing and recording at a few of the right recording studios in the globe.

Along the technique I’m picked up some clues that produced all of the difference to my pro guitar playing profession.

Fortunately, I noticed many concepts about the guitar, music as well as the music industry early in my guitar playing days, these concepts may enable you create huge shortcuts in playing the guitar as a job.

Here they are …

To skyrocket your guitar playing and your job it’s important that you recognize there’s 3 degrees of guitar playing.

1. The non-professional guitarist
2. Semi-professional guitarist
3. Expert guitarist

Here’s a short review of every category:

The non-professional might play and also the pro, it just signifies a player in this category refuses to accept any cash for their performance.

In some techniques the non-professional guitarist has a distinct benefit over the specialist and semi-professional players. Because they are doing not play for cash they are free to choose where, when as well as for whom they might play.

Essentially, non-professional players are free to play whatever that desire and this assists keep their music generating ventures fun and fresh.

The semi-professional found on the alternative hand does accept payment for their playing still guitar playing wouldn’t be their main source of money.

Often guitarists in this category are associated in weekend gigs i.e., weddings, socials and dances.

Semi-professional players often have bookings they could depend on like New Year’s eve and birthday celebrations commonly booked twelve months ahead of time, nonetheless on average 70% or even more of their standard monthly money originates from outside of their music performances.

The professional guitarist derives all their money from providing their musical abilities.

As you are able to see the different labels have nothing to do with all the musical standard of the guitarist the categories just identify how the performer derives their money.

The neat thing about being aware of the 3 degrees of guitar playing is the fact that you are able to (a) choose which category you may be in today and (b) determine which category you need to be in at a latter date.

And oh, by the means, there is those that try to come up with several factors why this refuses to work and consequently you need to not do it. These are typically wrong.

Just provide them permission to consider this way. Your job is to keep practicing and focusing on your job objectives by playing more and more guitar.

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