Beginning Blues Guitar – Love Blues Music? Check Out These Blues Music Festivals This Year!

For beginning blues guitar pupils, among the ideal techniques to understand is to expose yourself to the same genre you are struggling to discover. It is therefore suggested that you go and visit some blues music festivals held throughout the year. Some quite common music festivals are indexed below.

Chicago Blues Weekend

This festival is usually held between January 14th to 16th in Chicago, Illinois. The festival is intended to gather a few of the right blues and jazz artists in Chicago wherein fans of the genre are invited to attend these that they will receive a glimpse of the history and development of blues music in the city.

For this year, there are 3 west side spots selected for the January 14 event wherein fans could hear to sounds of funk, soul, and blues. On January 15, you are able to join the Chicago Blues History Tour with guides strolling participants about distinguished spots in the city that helped the genre flourish and grow. On the 16th, fans of Buddy Guy will experience him do reside in a show called ‘Voices of Chicago Blues’ and is regarded as the many expected element of the festival.

Juke Joint Festival

This festival is scheduled for April 14 to 17, 2011 wherein this year’s event is aimed to commemorate the existence of the late Foster Wiley. He is known as the music creator of Clarksdale and has been a piece of past Juke Joint Festivals until he died last year. This event is open for all interested people but is suggested for travelers, musicians, and fans of blues music. There are a series of performances scheduled for the event, plus shows and numerous form of presentations associated to the genre.

Calgary Mid-Winter Blues Festival

This year’s event scheduled for February 21 to 26, 2011 is the fifth edition of the yearly event. It is held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada wherein the following artists are expected to attend the event: Debbie Davis Band, Donald Ray Johnson Band, Robbie Laws Band, Mark Hummel & the Blues Survivors with Rusty Zinn, and Earl MacAuley. There is equally a bigger event scheduled for this year, that is connected for this company. It is the Calgary International Blues Festival due to happen August 1 to 7, 2011 with more artists expected to be piece of the event.

Phuket International Blues Rock Festival

This festival set to arise on February 25-26, 2011 in Phuket, Thailand is regarded as the largest in Asia and usually feature a few of the largest names in the blues industry. Some of the primary artists showcased in the event include John Belushi and Mr. Curtis Salgado, who was known by the Blues Foundation Awards in Memphis as the very coveted guy artist in 2010.

Mississippi Blues Fest

On March 5, 2011, a few of the largest names in the blues music scene in Mississippi is set to take the stage during the Mississippi Blues Fest in what exactly is the many expected occasions in the state. The event is held in the Leflore Country Civic Center in Greenwood, Mississippi featuring T.K. Soul, J. Blackfoot Narvel, Terry Wright, Spanky E, Chitchy, and Tre Williams.

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