Epiphone Electric Guitar – A Brief History

For those of you that have an interest in music, we may relate. We have been into music for years and understanding about different musical instruments can be extremely exciting. One guitar that has certainly caught our eye is the Epiphone Electric Guitar. Get you ever been aware of this guitar? If you haven’t, don’t worry, because we are going to provide you a big of history on it.

We believe this guitar began out in Greece, that is where the Anastasios Stathopoulos began generating the stringed instruments, including the lutes, violens, mandolins as well as the lioutos. From here, the family moved to Asia, but later fled to NY.

When they moved to NY, they inherited a company generating instruments. During the early stages of the company, they purchases a organization called the Home of Stathopoulos. It was later changed to Epiphone. It became termed as the Epiphone Banjo Company.

During the year 1931, Ephiphone introduced their initial line of guitar. In truth, they had a full line of the archtop design of guitar, that is prevalent in blues and jazz players. After they established this line of guitars, they became among the largest guitar businesses. Gibson, naturally was their leading rival.

Epi, the owner died of leukemia and details changed. In his will, he left his company to Orphie, who was his brother and also Frixo, who was his additional brother. In due time, the 2 siblings got into an argument and Frixo decided to sale his half of the stocks in the business. After this, Epiphone went through some difficult occasions both as a result of bad administration and as a result of the war which was going on.

Fate changed for this firm during the year 1857 when Gibson’s parent firm, Chicago Musical instrument decided to buy the business.

Today, the organization is acknowledged to be a subdivision of Gibson.

However, it has its own authentic line that nevertheless exists. Epiphone not merely has a line of acoustic guitars, even so they have a line of electrical guitars.

On their website, they list a great deal of players that employ their guitars. Some of those players include Moby, Glen Maxey, Paul McCartney, Tom Peterson, Chris Chaney and Marty Roe. It refuses to specify if they play the electrical guitar or the acoustic. There is not a denying that the epiphone electrical guitar has come a lengthy method and usually continue creating it big.

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