Epiphone Electric Guitars – A Rock Star That Still Rocks on Today

Epiphone electrical guitars have a extended and noble history. In the late 1920’s, they introduced their initial line of guitars, following in Gibson’s footsteps, but featuring unusual body shapes and additional shape changes. Six years later Epiphone introduced a guitar with a somewhat wider body. Actually, it was simply broad enough to supply some sense of modesty to the nude girl model that has been posing with all the guitar.

A several years later, Epiphone was surpassed by Gibson and in the late 1950’s was eventually acquired by Gibson. Overshadowed by Gibson’s standing at this point, Epiphone recreated their classics, developed a line of guitars which were budget versions of the Gibson and started developing their own line of electrical guitars.

In 1956 their model, the Emperor, led the means in sales and advertising development. Epiphone was well placed for the growing interest in folk music, although in the 60s it again fell behind Gibson and was no longer considered leading Gibson in development.

Where is Epiphone now? Epiphone has been busy, playing the rebel to Gibson’s variation of the mature matron. They’ve become all aspects to all musicians. Epiphone has continued to introduce variety in its product lines, manufacture and marketplace faithful reproductions of previous models and production authentic Gibson guitars.

If you’re interesting in the Epiphone electrical guitars as well as the firm that manufactures them, do some analysis found on the Internet. Find a music shop that carries them and try 1 or 2 out.

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