History of BC Rich Guitars

BC Rich are a business specialising in angular and extreme guitar shapes ideal suited for thick metal music. The organization was started in around 1966 creating acoustics and flamenco guitars. The founder, Bernardo Chavez Rico, created BC Rich’s initial electrical in 1969, but not with all the extreme styling of later efforts, as there was clearly no marketplace for shapes like BC Rich might eventually create yet. In 1971 Rico’s initially authentic shape was introduced, the Seagull. This guitar gave a subtle indication as to Rico’s future way, with some tiny points found on the single-cutaway body, and was very lucrative.

The Seagull, and most future BC Rich guitars, became a neck-through shape, which meant that the throat ran the whole size of the guitar, as well as the body consisted of 2 “wings” glued to each side of the throat. A similar shape to the Seagull is the Eagle, within the mid-1970s. This has 2 pointed and curved cutaways and remains accessible.

The initial extreme BC Rich designs were the Mockingbird and Bich, introduced in 1976. When the initial Biches came out, the guitar was just accessible as a ten-string model. It had a truly extreme body form for the time, with 2 brief pointed horns found on the top half along with a truly unusual bottom half with many cutaways. During his tenure in Metallica, Dave Mustaine utilized a Bich.  The Mockingbird was somewhat more restrained, with a form somewhat resembling a curvier and pointier Gibson Explorer. Over the years since its launch the Mockingbird has been popular, with Slash of Guns N’Roses and Craig Chaquico among its distinguished consumers. In 1981 1 of BC Rich’s many distinguished models was launched- the Warlock. This guitar is vaguely X-shaped and has 2 tiny, pointed cutaways which resemble horns.

The guitar was initially less pointy when established and over time the form has been somewhat changed. The Warlock has been chosen by Lita Ford, Mick Thomson, Robb Flynn of Machine Head and Kerry King of Slayer. Another early-1980s BC Rich shape is the Ironbird, chosen by Paul Stanley of KISS. All these guitars continue to be accessible.

BC Rich have equally dabbled in creating conventionally shaped guitars, including the EMI, Blaster, Warpig and Gunslinger models. These, but, have not been because effective because the more “metal-style” models.

In the late 1980s Bernardo Chavez Rico sought to take a break from creating guitars and certified all models to Class Axe, an American organization who tarnished BC Rich’s standing in the guitar marketplace by creating the guitars from plywood and placing the guitars together rather severely, with errors produced in the shapes, construction, sanding and painting of the guitars. Rico then purchased back the proper to BC Rich guitars and resumed creation in his California factory.

The 1990s and 2000s saw a brand-new crop of threateningly-named models even pointier than the 1980s models. These included the Zombie, Draco, Ignitor, Beast (tailored by death metal band Deicide’s guitarist Brian Hoffman), Warbeast (a mixture of Beast and Warlock).

BC Rich are sometimes known for their endorsement works with many significant and respected difficult rock and metal artists including Kerry King of Slayer (whose signature model is V-shaped and has extensive tribal visual function over the body- he also offers a signature model based found on the Warlock), the late Chuck Schuldiner of Death (when Schuldiner died of cancer in 2001 BC Rich introduced a tribute model based on his preferred guitar, the BC Rich Stealth), Paul Stanley of KISS, and Paolo Gregoletto, bassist in Trivium.

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