BONDFLEX was formulated to meet the Head Injury Criteria-ASTM-1292-99 for high heights at an economical cost. Bondflex is multidimensional. The system utilizes a recycled polyurethane rubber as a loose filled base. A reinforced welded wire is applied to the base material.

The Bondflex rubber is than mixed on site with binder and installed at a minimum thickness of 1.5”. The total system for a 12′ critical fall height is 5.5”. The Bondflex rubber is available in sixteen colors and can be combined to create limitless color combinations.

Lovejoy-TX-Bondlfex-5 Lovejoy ES-Allen, Texas

Bondflex Labeled

Bondflex Brochure
Bondflex Specifications

ASTM-1292-13-12′ Fall Height

Bondflex Detail

Bondflex 3D Detail