Origins of the Gibson Sunburst Electric Guitar

In July 1958 Les Paul the late ideal guitarist and inventor, created a classic strong body guitar that he endorsed with his name as well as the Gibson was yielded. The authentic and earliest Les Paul Standard Sunburst electrical guitar had a bright ‘Cherry Red’ finish. The earliest acknowledged versions of the guitar are recorded at the Gibson offices as having serial numbers 8 3087 and 8 3096.

The initially ‘Cherry Red’ Sunburst Gibbons were yielded by spraying an ultra-violet sensitive red and yellow dye onto the guitar body. With exposure to excessive light, the red color might generally fade and create an ‘unburst’ of yellow-honey, opposed to the desired red-yellow Sunburst.

Ultimately, the impact of fading is a outcome of how much UV exposure the guitar finish had received over time. The models of 1958 have stayed a bright red-yellow authentic Sunburst color opposed to the models built throughout 1959 to 1960 that have faded greatly by comparison into more of the generic red and orange color.

In 1959 the Les Paul Standard Sunburst electrical guitar equally became obtainable in a ‘Tobacco’ finish for the first-time. This wasn’t as commercially favored as the authentic ‘Cherry Red’ finish.

Between 1958 to 1960, Gibson created a fairly little amount of Les Paul Standard Sunburst electrical guitars, around 1700. This was due to the kind of music being yielded at the time that primarily utilized the brighter sounding Fender Straocaster and Telecasters.

In the mid to late 1960s the Les Paul Standard Sunburst electrical guitar became more common with all the emergence of rock and blues guitar legends like Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, Paul McCartney and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Gibson continues to provide a variety of sunburst Les Paul Gibbsons now that are obtainable in a range of Sunburst hues 2 of that are called Heritage ‘Cherry Red’ and ‘Dark Tobacco’ burst.

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