Purchasing Goya Guitars on eBay

Goya folk guitars had been the preferred way of the great deal of of the 1970 s folk artists for illustration Melanie Safka and Stevie Nicks. The folk model Goya guitars throughout this era (to 1950 – 1973) had been acoustic guitars handmade in Sweden by the Levin business but had been distributed into the US under the brand name of Goya. Within the late 1950’s a line of steel stringed flattops had been introduced, with adjustable truss rods and bolted necks. The later acoustic Goya guitars had a significant quality finish and their employ of nylon strings gave the guitar a distinct tone from elder guitars that employed steel strings, generating it well-known among folk musicians. After 1973, the Goya brand distribution changed hands a quantity of instances in addition to the Levin company additionally started to manufacture electrical guitars.

Acoustic Goya folk guitars within the late 1950s or electrical guitars via the late 1970s are the more typical of the Goya guitars available on eBay, but auction marketplace listings change fast from everyday and you not understand what may turn up. If you’re searching for a certain model of Goya guitars on ebay, the ideal alternative is to register to an eBay feed in a reader, thus you’ll be capable to check brand-new listings frequently. You can register to such a feed at the link below.

When buying Goya guitars on eBay search for detailed color photos in the listings, specifically if the seller is declaring classic status. There should be images of labels, serial numbers, the guitar case (if there’s 1) and details of any key damages to the guitar. That’s if the seller has been open and honest and knows the wish for collectors to have these details.

Most customers won’t quibble over a couple of scratches or the odd ding, but take care in the event you see signs of warping or splits in the seams joining the face of the guitar to the curves of the body. These faults could usually be fixed but change your call accordingly. Experienced sellers may scrupulously detail the condition of classic guitars, and totally describe the body, throat and bridge (eBay auction descriptive text additionally to pictures). They may additionally indicate how the guitar plays and sounds.

How Can You Verify the Authenticity of Goya Guitars on eBay

For early Levin guitars, search for a paper label with all the Goya logo in a cursive script and text that claims, “Made by A.B. Herman Carlson Levin – Gothenburg, Sweden”. Additionally check both the label in addition to the throat block for a serial amount and model with a date and cross check it up against the Locksley serial numbers.

Goya guitars produced later, through the early 1960s would have a zoning code within the distributor Hershmann, including NY 10 N.Y. Guitars produced after 1962 might probably have a 5-digit zip code from NY City. For later models than this, if the collector aspect is important to you, check online for a history of the manufacture and distribution of Goya guitars. You may receive clues within the distributors name as to which decade it was created. Martin used an 8-digit serial quantity, which you’d come over on Goya guitars created late in the 1970 s. These had been not produced in Sweden but may have been produced in Italy, Japan, Korea or Taiwan. Production ended around 1990, thus almost every Goya guitar on eBay will be at minimum 18 years of age.

How Significantly Want to You Pay For Goya Guitars On eBay?

A goya acoustic guitar in good condition usually cost between $ 150-$ 500 and despite the reality bidding varies, you are unlikely to be efficient at winning an auction for under $ 150.00. Few sellers might need the bother of delivery outside the U.S., so shipping fees can usually enhance the cost by $ 30-50.00. Check your nearby nation eBay webpage listings if you’re outside the US. Diverse Country eBay hyperlinks are indexed at the bottom of every eBay page. It can be done to additionally look classifieds websites including Craig s List or different auction websites for listings of classic acoustic guitars. You’ll be capable to check forums where it happens to be potential to read threads of Q&A from past collectors and ask forum members who may assist you to date and value a classic guitar.

At diverse instances you’ll come across many diverse models, designs and years for the models of Goya guitars on eBay. You may pay a lot more for electrical Goya guitars that are less frequently available. Jimi Hendrix employed to play an electrical Goya Rangemaster guitar. Goya Rangemaster guitars of excellent top quality have been indexed with a buy today cost of $ 1,500.00. Bass guitars might furthermore garner a high cost.

When you are looking for Goya guitars on eBay, try the look expression Levin guitars, equally Hagstrom and Martin may be value a look too. Your seller may not understand greatly about guitars and list just under classic or acoustic guitars. Inexperience can additionally imply they don’t upload a terrific description or detailed photos. Simply email the seller for more detail if an auction listing does look promising and you think they can have a collectable guitar you need to buy.